Conversation Partners

What does it mean to be a conversation partner? Every few weeks I’ll write a post about what I’m hearing, reading, and thinking about transformation and the life of local churches. I invite you to read it and welcome your responses via email, as comments, or in person. Your ideas will be part of the next edition.

Liturgy Remix represents a couple of years of thinking, reading, talking, listening, worship, and writing about local churches undergoing transformation.
Local churches offer so much beauty, so many complicated relationships, so many small things made holy by use and memory. We cherish the local church when we invite it into transformation; this tender, intense locus of shared experience will not be accepted by the generations to come if we hold too tight to the way we’ve always done things.

As regards myself, I’m a hymnodist, poet, storyteller, and grandmother.
I’m Episcopal by membership and life experience, worshiping these last few years with an ELCA Lutheran congregation. Ideas wake me up; I’m hoping you’ll send me some good ones.

Pamela Grenfell Smith
Bloomington, Indiana
narthex (at)



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