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Othering, decolonizing, yearning for transformation –

Greetings, friends! I’m an Anglo woman in my sixties, well-accustomed to worship among Episcopalians and Lutherans – faith traditions that originated in the Reformation in Northern Europe. I treasure these beloved communities but my heart is always looking toward the church … Continue reading

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Blending liturgical language for a blending culture

I have to admit I’m often disappointed by what’s currently presented as bilingual liturgy. As I’ve experienced bilingual liturgy, liturgical texts are primarily in English with one or two songs in Spanish – a pro forma experience that refers to … Continue reading

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A blended-language Evening Prayer commemorating the life and work of Bartolomé de Las Casas

Why remember Bartolomé de Las Casas? We use history to understand the present and the Christopher Columbus story of heroic exploration and conquest is not serving us well. The heroic public story of European colonization of Latin America and South … Continue reading

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